Speak to the professionals when buying or selling a home
Property investment is something that must be undertaken with the utmost care. At First Choice Home Inspections, we take the stress out of property transactions by providing professional home inspection services.

Our team, based in Chillicothe, OH, will visit the property and conduct a highly thorough inspection which can account for pest issues, structural integrity, and more. We then provide a detailed, certified report clearly outlining our findings.

Whether you're buying or selling, a building inspection is always a good idea. Contact First Choice Home Inspections to arrange an appointment today.


At First Choice Home Inspections in Chillicothe, we offer a range of home inspection services for people buying and selling a home:
  • Residential and commercial home inspection 
  • Property assessment and evaluations 
  • Mold assessment and remediation 
  • Lead testing and abatement 
  • Fire behavior 
  • Lead testing and abatement 
  • Energy efficiency
We also provide detailed reports, pest and asbestos removal services (if required), and dispute resolution services. To speak to one of our team members, please call us on (740) 466-9475, or visit our Chillicothe office today! We're here to provide the very best service for our clients and have established a reputation for excellence in the Chillicothe area.


At First Choice Home Inspections, our staff is comprised of fully-qualified, professional inspectors who are dedicated to providing accurate, thorough home inspection services. We have over 25 years of experience. We look at every detail, top-to-bottom, to ensure that nothing is missed and that your report is a completely accurate representation of the property in question.

First Choice Home Inspections in Chillicothe is fully accredited and certified, so you may rest assured that your home building inspection, completed by us, meets all professional expectations. If our findings result in any surprises, we can make recommendations to help you remedy any issues we discover.
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